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Favourite teams from each league

I was tagged by great-gustin aka the baby sis, so here we go 

  • EPL: meh I don’t really support any team other than The Main Bae so this is going to be HELLA boring, BUT I do watch the EPL because hoping that Chelsea fails is my main hobby tbh
  • Bundesliga: I have a soft spot for BVB thanks Ananda but I don’t consider myself an actual fan. I enjoy watching the Bundesliga tho 
  • Serie A: I do very rarely watch it but don’t support any team (I get a lot of shit from my family because of this btw) (they’re mostly italians) 
  • La Liga: blaugrana al veeent un crit valent tenin un nom el sap tothom barça barça barçaaa FC BARCELONA MY HEART AND SOUL MY SUNSHINE THE MOON OF MY LIFE yes yes yeS 
  • Ligue 1: just no 

Honorable mention: SÃO PAULO FUTEBOL CLUBE from the brazilian league they get me all [heart eyes emoji] 

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FC Barcelona.

Last training session before Barça vs Apoel (09/16/2014)

LUCKY STRIKE + the bachelorette party 

GET TO KNOW ME MEME (Football Edition):
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FC Barcelona

We do not feel unbeatable, although we do feel strong and confident in our style of football" - Xavi Hernandez

Footballers wear Rainbow Laces in support of anti-homophobia campaign

"your team SUCKS!!" wow you….you fucking got me. i’m fucking……fuck my team……i’m switching teams…..