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Luís Enrique demonstrating man marking on Gerard Piqué

Xavi and Iniesta are the players we look at and try to learn from. Xavi guides us. When he talks, we all keep quiet and listen.
- Rafinha (via iheartbarca)


so i asked casillased (haha she’s a madridista and still a close friend of mine) and -cestla-vie (another close friend of mine who puts up with us) what the tumblr-ly acceptable follower count number i was supposed to have before I could create a ff, because everyone’s always announcing their follower counts in these things. but then I realized that even though my follower count is very modest compared to some of you out there, it shouldn’t matter. before i joined tumblr, i thought that i was about the only girl in my country who actually even bothered about fc barcelona, and everyone thought i was weird for thinking that messi was cute (remember his horrendous floppy hairstyles?). but joining the tumblr fandom here has brought me a lot of happiness and i’ve learnt so much from so many of you (:

(also i am v shy and v quiet on tumblr so here’s my twitter if you want, i talk more crap over there)

tldr: this is a big big BIG THANK YOU to everyone who’ve made my tumblr and football experience so much better

these are the people who are not only great bloggers but also genuinely amazing people

milanpique; losalbicelestes; antonelashair; gerardeulofeus; mesopotamianblues; blaugr4na; casillased; turnoftides; -cestla-vie; bohemiancarpet; domdompelican

and these are the people who light up my dash!

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football without the fans is nothing

3/10 Important DatesMay 1st, 2005.
Lionel Messi scores his first goal for Barcelona at 17 years old in La Liga, assisted by Ronaldinho.


xavier hernandez | a series of edits 

He is this team. Unbelievable. His technique, vision, passing. For me, he’s the best at Barcelona. All the time I was there, I saw him lose the ball maybe twice. I’m talking about in matches and in training. He can play any game. One-touch, two-touch. He may not be the star with Messi about, but for me he is this team’s heartbeat." - Alexander Hleb on Xavi

Princess (An Erik Durm Two-Shot) - Part Two


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Camp Nou and FC Barcelona museum. [x]